We have a proven track record in creating, developing and delivering training and educational programmes to the statutory, voluntary and corporate sectors. Whether it's a one day 'workshop' or a two-year academic course, all of our training is focussed on increasing the effectiveness of your staff and management teams.
From 'novice' to 'professional', our programmes establish underpinning theory while encouraging staff to learn practical skills that they can then apply to their own experience and situations.

F2F & Online Training

We design programs that combine face-to-face and online content to maximise effectiveness and fit in with today's busy schedules.

Improved learner experience
Range of teaching styles 
Reduced need for 'exposition'
All media options available


Statutory bodies, Charities, voluntary agencies and individuals will benefit from our free online content... find out more

Academic Program

Thinking of training as a professional Rehabilitation Worker? Our academically accredited courses are for you... find out more

Corporate training

We deliver customised professional development, online programmes and training days - talk to us about what you need.

Rehabilitative services for people with a sight loss

We are readily able to offer your organisation a complete rehabilitation service for people with a visual impairment. Our experienced and professionally qualified staff will deliver theory and practical elements directly to your clients.
Improve independence, confidence and problem solving for people using your service - contact us now.

Access to Work

We are able to offer bespoke Orientation & Mobility training on a one-to-one basis for people with visual impairment returning to work or studying at university.

Children's services

Our staff provide age appropriate personal orientation & mobility training to children in school. Parents can also benefit from actively undertaking specialist education in visual impairment using our free online MOOC

Want to improve your organisation's effectiveness? - contact us

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"

- Nelson Mandela